AnCo isn’t the Joker

2 Nov



because everyone is constructing an identity at all times, whether or not they even realize it. Mostly because you can sweat almost anything down to this basic biological truth: Culture is a mating ritual. We are looking for ways to differentiate ourselves so as to attract one another. That is the deep dark secret of everything we do. It might be that black and white.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the nuances of these rituals–the etiquettes of modern dating, the long ten-minute build before the drums ever come in, the hundreds of pages of exposition before the plot moves forward. These things are great. I love these things. I live for these things. Mark Richardson lives for these things. Animal Collective live for these things. So many people who like this band clearly live for these things. So many people believe that music still has some ability to be “more than music.“‘


‘Recall the Joker from the Dark Knight. There was something so seductive about this man whose only m.o. was “shake things up.” Whose position in any situation was “how I can show that everyone else secretly doesn’t know what their positions are.” Whose goal is to say “Everyone is a phony. No one really likes anything. Everyone is a little too secure and righteous—but I know they’re all really insecure.”

I don’t mean to paint things in binary but there are two basic poles here, with all of us probably falling in between them. You can be open, and vulnerable, and ignorant, and admit to your ignorance, and try to understand your own wiring and ignorance, and come to terms with the fact that you are one complex motherfucker with complex and not exactly logical or objective reasons for liking and loving what you do, but nevertheless still liking and loving the things that you do, or you can be the person who points out that everyone is pretty fucking ignorant, nobody ever has a clue what they’re really doing on this earth, everybody’s reasons are all so screwy, and do so on a daily basis, as a way of masking your own ignorance and insignificance and vulnerability. You can try to know, and own the fact that there are things you do not know, or you can be knowing, and hide your own ignorance with sideways shots of been-there done-that familiarity. You can understand that shit happens and try your best to keep things together and accomplish something against all odds–YOU CAN DANCE, as [Merriweather Post Pavilion] album begins–or you can blow up the hospital just to show everyone that at any moment anywhere, a hospital can blow up for no fucking reason whatsoever.

Hipster Runoff [j]ust like Gawker, HRO won’t stop until we’re all too afraid to do anything, to step on the rug and take a fucking chance, to give a shit. Until we’re all crippled by self-consciousness, and the worry of making a mistake. The targets will get younger and softer until we’re laughing at thirteen year olds and ten year olds and five year olds, how stupid they are, how they embarrass themselves, how they believe they can do things it’s so obvious to the rest of us they just can’t do–so fucking obvious because we know so fucking much.

Don’t you know how important it is to be able to make mistakes? To fuck up with impunity? Why won’t you let my kids be kids? They will be the better for it. And you were too–and I’m so sad you don’t see that. I’m so sad you don’t remember how fucking hard it is, being that age, not knowing fuck-all how anything or anybody works, let alone yourself.

You can’t justify nihilism. There is no justification. Personal opinion. But go ahead hater, bring it. I know you won’t though. Because the second you wash off all the face paint, we’ll all know who you really are: a “failed creative type” just like the rest of us, who gets off pointing out how we’re all failed creative types just so you don’t have to confront your own lack of vision.’






One Response to “AnCo isn’t the Joker”

  1. octobear November 2, 2010 at 8:28 pm #

    so this is the format I think we should use to start which is basically just a title that summarizes what we’ve pasted highlights from the article we read in case there are contributors without enough time to read the whole nasty and lastly the link to the goldmine then a comment on our own post about what it means to us or what is interesting to us or something to spawn conversation and I cant figure out how to make the font bigger without rewriting this specific post so I elected to revel in laziness I’d also add that for videos and other non-textual media whatnot the highlights are probably unnecessary

    1.enough metacommentary this post is interesting in the way it examines self and how we go about learning about ourselves and I think there is an interesting aspect of self-discovery that no one really thinks about which is kind of like that party game where you have a famous name taped to your head and you dont know what it is and you have to ask questions and basically form and opinion about yourself based on what other people think about you and I see an aspect of that in our culture where who we are is largely dependent on how we see ourselves through other people because really we cant know each other any other way and so other people are a mirror for us and I was thinking more about how the emic/physical part of us where we cant understand our actions applies to emotions too and so emotions become actions or physical from that perspective which is problematic for me but I would agree that emotions are something we can’t understand in ourselves but can we understand it in the etic/physical department in others?

    2.Lastly just how the whole nihilism of hipster runoff and the joker and how there are people who will say that anco is stupid but wont engage in a conversation about why because they dont understand why and I think people are insecure about music they dont understand because for me there is some bad music in rap that is objectively bad and it is bad because it is simplistic beats and uninteresting observations rhymed in old ways which is the opposite I think of anco which is something new and I sometimes feel this really strong connection with what they are doing like I understand in grass when avey says ‘I’d like to see you often/I don’t need to see you often’ and that helps me understand a lot of relationships I have and that connection on a human level and a personal level makes things easier and makes music worthwhile for me which is why maybe I can’t see the argument for a gucci mane who takes a simple beat and lays down in lemonade the lyrics about a bunch of shit thats yellow like ‘lemon pepper wings and a freeze cup/lemons in their face and watch them freeze up’ and I just want to replace all of the time people spend on that with music that tries to be meaningful and expressive and worth more than temporary enjoyment.

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