One last Hro.

16 Feb

Dear Carles

luv u / miss u

remember all the good times we had snarking via brainwaves at lamestreamers who didn’t ‘get’ your


remember when u used to post about ‘culturally important’ things and show how the ‘meaninglessness of it all’ rlly meant something?

thinking hro might be ‘dying’. noticed youve started ‘outsourcing your posts’ to other ‘carlesian’ bros. capitalism doesnt seem 2 indie carles…

seems like ur site has become a ‘let down’ (via the radioheads).

worried abt u. worried we will nvr talk like we used to. worried ur hot when ur cold ur yes when ur no. worried hro rlly doesnt ‘mean anything’. r u really just a ‘sad despondant lamestream reject’? do u ‘sit at the table w/o bringing anything 2 it’ (via lil wayne’s world).

disappointed, yall (4 a while). but then something weird happened. u came back to me. thinking my ‘heart will go on’ (via james cameroon). thinking we will all ‘float on’ (via the modest mice). pretty sure my life has ‘meaning’ again (via hro).

this last post is ‘all I evr wanted from u’

thx carles

do yall think carles’s post is ‘a retrospective’?

do yall ❤ carles or think hro is ‘too nihilistic’?

r u worried bout him?

r u worried bout hro?

do u think carles has ‘abandoned his brand’?

is carles ‘hiding somewhere but probably dead’ (via osama bin salmon)?

Here are the highlights from Carles’s post about the implications of Arcade Fire winning a Grammy:

For the past _ years, I have listened to indie music, been on a never-ending quest to discover buzzbands before they were mainstream and potentially harvest them as they matured in2 a crop that provided our society with mad benefits. It is more than just constructing my identity in an attempt 2 control consumer forces before they shape me–it is my identity at the point. It is more than just some 2k0s hipster bashing meme. I form a deep, emotional connection with these bands, because I see enough potential in them to share them with my closest friends who share a similar taste in musical aesthetics.

Being an indie music fan meant being more active than just turning on a radio and accepting the content stream provided by a lame radio station… I had created my own content stream and authentic values system which was about to override ‘the mainstream.’

Lame blogs were ‘excited’ about the victory because they still live in the past. Progressive blogs offered some ‘snarky, insightful/distanced take that offered some pretty decent commentary on the state_of_indie.’

I was alone with my thoughts and memes. I felt excited and h

Lame blogs were ‘excited’ about the victory because they still live in the past. Progressive blogs offered some ‘snarky, insightful/distanced take that offered some pretty decent commentary on the state_of_indie.’

I was alone with my thoughts and memes. I felt excited and happy, but I am not sure if that is a ‘marketable angle’ in the modern blogosphere [via entry-level feelings].

Every time I had burned a CD for some1 who wanted to know more abt ‘cool, obscure bands’ was worth it.
Every time I had purchased a mainstream indie CD that was ‘good’ for my old parents who were still trying to be ‘cool and connected’ paid off.
Every time I made fun of some1 for listening to terrible music–I was finally ‘right.’
I thought abt every time I had allowed myself to ‘get caught up’ in an ‘epic’ live show and wanted to tell some1 what it felt like to be experiencing something like that with so many other ppl.
I thought abt when my bros and I went on that one roadtrip, and listened to some killer albums.

For years, I have been ‘really into indie music.’ I even started a relatively popular blog about indie and alternative music and culture, probably because it is something I care about. Something that I am ‘genuinely interested in.’ Something that I ‘want to promote’ and ‘see evolve.‘ But now that the Arcade Fire has won, we can finally take a deep breath, and look back on what exists, what we built, what ‘means something’, what ‘will last forever.’

Maybe it’s time 4 me 2 change.
Maybe I should reconnect with the past.
Maybe I should allow myself to get excited abt new music again, instead of just evaluating it on an impossible scale/resenting it if it achieves too much success too soon.
Maybe the buzz blogging hype machine is more efficient + productive than ever… but maybe our vibes + hypercritical analysis won’t [help] new buzzbands [in] the long term

That ‘indie’ as they know it
Isn’t the way it used 2 be

This is a standard generational battle
2 preserve our identity & attempt to control our legacy
but please try to listen to me
and try to understand
That what these blogs/ppl on twitter have been saying
Isn’t really how it is/was

*Please remember*
*Don’t ever forget*
Indie used 2 mean something.


2 Responses to “One last Hro.”

  1. dwhitake February 17, 2011 at 5:44 pm #

    ^this what comes to mind when i think of HRO.

    it’s the authors way to feel superior to both ‘lamestreamers’ and to hipsters. carles is a hipster and is therefore better than the mainstream. but he is also (nauseously) self-aware of being a hipster and is cynical of the subculture as a whole. it is through this attitude that he lifts himself above all other hipsters who he characterizes as, essentially, posers who through their obsession with authenticity fall into inauthenticity (see ‘personal brand,’ ‘buzz bands,’ ‘memes,’ etc.). i see the people who comment on the blog and take part in the carles mentality as sort of trying to take part in the superiority, almost as if they were saying, ‘hey we get it too, we are self-aware as well! we are hipsters too [not that anyone would actually admit to being a hipster] but we’re also better than hipsters!’

    part of HRO’s hipster-overcoming comes from the ‘quotes.’ the overcoming is sort of contradictory as well. to me, the quotes are an example of irony, a stereotypical hipster quality. he takes irony and amplifies it to an extreme; he becomes super-hipster, but yet it is an ironic irony. he is aware he is acting out the hipster stereotype and it is this awareness which enables the overcoming. he ain’t hipster because he’s such a dang hipster!

    anywho, just my thoughts on the subject as i read the new hro post. ed, im in agreement about the cynicism and nihilism. it’s overwhelming disgusting. it goes beyond parody into a rather poisonous realm, i think. not only is it mocking but its pessimism drains vitality from life. it makes being passionate into an uncool attitude. hro deforms it into a thing to be made fun of. it’s awful.

    • octobear February 17, 2011 at 7:03 pm #

      I don’t remember where I saw this but it isn’t my idea (I still agree heartily). When we look at hipsters there are two sorts. The sort which see it as a competition and want to discover more bands faster than anyone and feel superior by rejecting the mainstream MORE THAN YOU (key). And the sort who want to find new bands because they are good and share them with you and hold up the good art so more people can appreciate, enjoy, and better their lives with it. I don’t think anyone can fall squarely into one category. I know I am guilty of being the first sometimes. The Local Natives concert comes to mind when I wasn’t able to enjoy it frankly because I was disappointed in the type of people there. I should really just be excited that other people are excited for good music. Unfortunately Carles began with post-post-cynacism (it makes sense, think really hard) which was effective, interesting, and worthwhile. Then he devolved squarely into the first category, trying to suck meaning out to prove that he is the most hipster of all. In doing so he stopped appealing to me by cutting out any risk. What does he give of himself in the posts? Can you possibly prove him wrong? No because he isn’t saying anything. Contrast that with pitchforkreviewsreviews which does a really good job of being anonymous and personal at once. It’s the competition that kills the whole movement and I wish Carles would use his powers and popularity for good and not for a sense of self-satisfaction.

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