Eddy, Hello

18 Feb

edmund, hello

who is this? derek and aaron, the answer. (we r who we r).

our message? a message! peace and love amongst mankind!

the method? adventure tymes! ( i mean like thymes)!

why? to say hello to you, edmund!



p.s. this will make sense in retrospect.

p.s.s. watch out for english broads and their disgusting teeth!

cherrio! (not like the cereal!  tho we love cereal!)



yeah dog, dog.


One Response to “Eddy, Hello”

  1. octobear February 20, 2011 at 12:29 pm #

    Hello! I like Adventure Thyme. We should market that. Sometimes it’s Thyme, sometimes it’s not! (what an adventure!)

    the broadest english girls with the broadest english teeth i will avoid by chanting my name with no spaces!

    miss you guys

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