28 Mar

This weekend I was surfing some articles by our friends at Erowid via boredom and I came across a few about Nutmeg. With the Friday alcohol buzz wearing off I decided to be an experiential learner and thus forayed into a Nutmeg high. Here is how it went:

Firstly to see that something this common, cheap and legal being touted as a serious high left me reasonably skeptical. After all I put nutmeg on my coffee, enjoy it in eggnog, in breads and cakes, and never have I attached an altered consciousness to the spice. My thoughts were that it would be a ‘terrible high’ or ‘disgusting’ or ‘made up’ or that I’d have to take ‘an insane amount’ or that it would have to ‘be prepared in some obnoxious way’. All wrong. Nutmeg isn’t some glorious discovery, but it isn’t to be scoffed at as a recreational drug in the strain of marijuana.

Weighing in that night at about 140 lbs and operating on a mostly full stomach I measured out 4.25 teaspoons of ground, expired, store-bought nutmeg. I had about .75 teaspoons in some apple juice which tasted fine. I didn’t feel too different after about an hour and a half, maybe a little goofy, so I assumed it was safe and not some idiots trying to kill me. I took the rest just before bed. I had read that it takes about 6 hours to kick in. I slept 8. Upon waking up I was certifiably high. I felt exceedingly relaxed a few times I almost went back to bed. I noticed how bright the sun was and it recalled memories of Easter morning as a kid. I watched some comedy videos and laughed pretty consistently and out loud, sometimes not even at jokes but at people’s expressions. I felt in listening to music I really knew where Panda Bear was coming from. I felt connected to what he was doing with his music. I continually escaped into media and had daydreams completely shaped by whatever I was listening to or reading or watching. The best part of everything was also the worst. I felt really relaxed but sometimes a little too tired for the ideal high.

I didn’t fall asleep and I was able to walk to the store quite easily and buy something as well. Unfortunately, I had a terrible case of the munchies and what I bought was shameful and consumed almost in its entirety that day. I didn’t have too much of a problem with how I felt physically the first day, but today, which is the second day, I have a little gastro-intestinal discomfort. I don’t know if this is from the nutmeg or from the 3,000 calories I consumed.

The high lasted in it’s heaviest form from the moment I woke up until the moment I fell asleep. Today I just feel somewhat detached from myself but much less high. I went outside and was able to concentrate nicely on juggling the football.

As for dosage it’s about 1 gram per 10 pounds body weight. This was for me 4 teaspoons. In terms of dose I enjoyed the effects but would go for slightly more next time. I would say 5 teaspoons and see if using freshly ground nutmeg improves/changes anything. I would like to warn against going over this. It’s a powerful substance! It kicks in slightly after about an hour and completely around the sixth hour.

The negatives were dry mouth (which I get in the same amount smoking marijuana), slight gastro-intestinal discomfort, feeling too tired, being hungry constantly, the taste of the nutmeg, how long it takes to come on, how long it takes to wear off.

Positives: price, legality, euphoria, feeling ‘connected’, happiness, giggling, relaxedness.

I would recommend trying it. I’ve read it is possible to trip, it is almost impossible to overdose in a medically dangerous sense (4-5 ounces might take you there), and hell it’s not like you can get in trouble for being happy because you ate nutmeg. There has to be a reason it isn’t more popular, so I would say be careful. Some people get bad gastro-intestinal issues. It takes horrible so hold the nose and down it in a sand textured liquid, then go to sleep and wake up Megan.

EDIT: A lot of the posts I’ve looked at have to do with an empty stomach. I will say because I binged yesterday I really didn’t feel high too much this morning, but having eaten lightly today I can attest to remaining high a full 48 hours after consumption. Blocking out time has become and imperative!


2 Responses to “Megan”

  1. abeasty March 28, 2011 at 9:25 pm #

    A humorous entry! I thought you sarcastic at first, but erowid dost confirm the tale. We should ‘trip on the nut’ sometime in springfield. (if we trip nuts then we are most likely going to be ‘tripping balls’ as well. just a thought, so wear a cup).

  2. dwhitake April 8, 2011 at 7:34 pm #

    I thought this was neat because I tried nutmeg (for recreational purposes?) a few times my freshman year of high school.

    I never had as strong effects as you experienced, but maybe I didn’t take as much, or maybe I just don’t remember clearly.

    Kudos to your experimentation!

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