Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier by Sun Airway

30 Mar

Yes, for happy withdrawal

Does anyone remember that tiny 2009 album Merriweather Post something? Yeah, well 300 plus listens after that album which remains untouched in my mind as the greatest achievement in modern music. The dark nature AC often employ perfectly reflects my life, but isn’t always comforting. And if you combine the exhaustion from over-listening to AC with a need to relax without letting my mind melt into Baths or Toro y Moi. Enter Sun Airway, an overproduced, rangy, and sometimes meaningful band whose work recalls Panda Bear on You Can Count on Me (Noah’s mix) and Tanlines’s Reinfo. I can’t say Sun Airway is doing something new, but I can say they are doing something well. And luckily that something is the sort of chamber harmony synth-electro nonsense I can’t say no to.

What Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier does well, it does within the confines of a track. This is good for listening pleasure as tracks like Waiting on You and American West which stand strongly alongside this ‘genre’s’ best. Waiting on You stands as the magnum opus from the album and it’s ‘reach for my hands;
they’re seldom so open and reckless with hope’ and ‘forget about the past—it’s all wet and rusted’ are, combined a sort of working thesis. Mostly though, the lyrics are a bit overwrought such as ‘every word my lips suggest, that’s between my lips and the American West’. The album doesn’t seem to cohesive, but the music itself is a euphoric dizzy rinse that when combined with the odd lyric shouldn’t be passed over.

Ultimately you can’t hide the mistakes on Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier. Sun Airway are still building. At the time of writing they have no Wikipedia page, and no distinct sound to get them out of the shadow of AC. But the shadow of AC is getting lighter and lighter as we wait for something new, so maybe taking a few steps back to Feels era is what we need. Or maybe when we’re all beat up and feel like ‘trying not to die is so taxing’, we can ‘bury our limbs underneath all these hands until we see those days again’, or we can just listen to a little Sun Airway while we wait for MPP and life to sound good again.


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