3 Jun

I’m been listening to this artist John Maus a lot recently. Haven’t been able to find any torrents but he has much on YouTube.

It’s a interesting style. Very mystical and spiritual. Sometimes creepy. Always enjoyable.


One Response to “Mouse”

  1. octo June 5, 2011 at 10:58 pm #

    creepy especially tenebrae which i rate higher than believer due to what is in my opinion a more focussed approach. it tries to be creepy i think but very subtly and shows how the jesus story and the bible itself is an exceedingly creepy narrative. i think it does this wonderful thing, using spiritual and religious music to question spiritual and religious music. on these lines i’d check out Crystal Castles: Not in Love and Pap Smear both more heavily dub and Woob: a God of the shamanic tracks i look for of which this Maus seems an addition. Good find.

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