Etic Shaman

9 Jun

The link at the bottom of this text is an article published in the National Geographic in 2006. It deals with one reporters experience with Ayahuasca Shamanistic ritual in which she takes Ayahuasca and details the experience not unlike an Erowid entry. Because the article is mainly narrative and I think which aspects of the narrative are interesting would be entirely subjective I’m forgoing quoting the text. What I personally find fascinating here is the native notion that dark spirits are responsible for some of our thought processes and the amazingly convincing way the author manages to convey that so that I completely accepted it as a reasonable way of thinking about illness. Some of the descriptions are a bit trivializing especially towards god near the end but from the atheist author I have no doubt these were meaningful representations and I think the medicine worked. The legitimacy of this so called treatment has gained an article ally methinks. (I didnt link to the Nat Geo website because you have to pay there.) Here:


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