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14 Feb

Guys! I think we have some good minds, so lets not let them go to waste. This summer we are going to get the ball rolling with some films. Use this post as a place to jot down those ideas. The original conception of this blog was for that anyway. (anyone can and should edit this post)

1. The Ryan Show-A meta-account of the ordinary life of an extraordinary individual. Follow him in his  various exploits at work, in leisure time, and his many love pursuits. Shot à la The Office, if the show was a book it might be called creative non-fiction. Ryan’s self-consciousness of self-consciousness could lead to a frightening comedic loop.
2. Remugging- The fittest man in all of England (or whatever) gets mugged while jogging. He recovers himself, decides to continue on jogging and about a half-mile away runs into the original mugger who he remugs! (Alternate: could also do a sort of play of the Pay-it-Forward idea where he mugs someone else because he needs money and on down the line.)
3. Cooking with a Beastly Crew of Two- an overly simple cooking show for college students including easy-mac, peanut butter and bread sandy, and bananas!
4. StuporHeroes- The super powerful and gifted superheroes are suddenly faced with real life bewilderment and intellectual confoundment. Some ideas include getting the wrong change at a grocery store and arguing about it. Getting the wrong order at a fast food restaurant. Getting a C on a paper plagarized from the professor’s own essay.
5. Contrainception- a take on the Nolan film but in a public school health class. The teacher has taken liberties with the curriculum and filmed a cinematographic version of the sex-ed film! Unfortunately, no one has any idea what is going on (via Inception) and they are all left to wonder if they should spin their tops or not.
6. Springfield Interviews-Influenced by (plagarized from) David Lynch’s, we scavenge Springfield and the surrounding area for people and points of interest. We capture those PoI’s and analyze and interpret them like the art they are. What remarkable things can be found in so stale an area as the 703?

7. The 10th Street Art Show-A shabby youth who’s failed to get into college and is unable to obtain a job seeks fulfillment in a local art contest. Can he use the contest to transcend the malaise of suburban failure?

8. Veggie Fails- What happens when Christian vegetables stray from the church?

9. Academia- three professors have a conversation about some book that secretly none of them have read

10. Philo Frat- Derek will know where this comes from. Basically the concept is a world where everything is exactly the same but everyone knows a whole ton of philosophy. Some highlights include a drunk girl stumbling home wanting to avoid going up to this boys room for the inevitable and slurring ‘stop giving me le regard’.