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Getting Psyched

30 Mar

I feel a little like the guy saying ‘hey look I found this awesome new band called Radiohead’ with this post. Nonetheless I have two goals: document my experiment with wormwood and write a sort of minimalist psychedelic manifesto.

Before I left for England, my main goal was to learn about myself. It might seem odd, but it has been successful and I’ve redefined both what it means and how to be an American. The country of my birth has a lot of culture, and what else is good art/history but a mirror toward yourself? So having led an exploratory yet introspective life here, I can summarize my findings in two stages. First, the mantra ‘Only Connect’ from the novel Howard’s End is one of the cornerstones to understanding the world, other people, life in general. Making connections is one consistent feature of tripping, at least for me. I would go so far as to say connection=life, disconnect=death. Secondly, living in a constantly overcast country which is often times highly pastoral, even in the center of the paved city, has left me oft in a waking-dream-like conscious state. I ask myself often ‘what can i do to really convince myself i am alive’? But I am seeing more and more the importance of dreaming and states of consciousness far away from our status-quo. Modern American society puts less emphasis on dreams than any other. Why? Do dreams come from some nonsense dimension within us? I must say anything that my brain produces I put high importance on. Some of the most life-affirming, powerful messages that really understand how I feel are fantastical and fictional. They come from the mind, dreams, creativity. It is why I am an English major. And so this ‘second world’ of dreaming and creativity lies mostly dormant. I am convinced there is a connection to be made between the dreaming and waking state and that there is some exploration necessary in the psychedelic world.


Last night I had a brief foray into Wormwood. I bought 25 grams from a tiny but official health store for tea. The reported effects are very mild lucid dreaming aid or more graphic dreams. Some people report slightly more conscious effect, but nothing serious. It is the substance used in Absinthe and it contains small levels of Thujone. There is a lot of contradictory, incorrect, and misleading information about psychedelics, and Thujone/Wormwood is no exception (I even read a site that said it was deadly poison. On another note I’ve read some terribly incorrect articles about nutmeg as well). I pressed on nonetheless, brewing the dried Wormwood as recommended, that is, 15 minutes in boiling water. The tea was bitter to a near undrinkable extent as I’d read be. That remains the worst of Wormwood. I downed it and chewed some of the leaves just to ensure maximum torture. Result? Maximum torture.

About an hour after sipping it I noticed a slight elevation of mood and my peripheral vision was slightly clearer. I am unsure if this was a mental construction, but hey, isn’t being high a mental construction? I went to bed feeling highly relaxed. When I woke up this morning I felt as if I had enjoyed a pretty hefty night of drinking. My muscles were really relaxed, but I had none of the nausea of the typical hangover. I also began to remember my dreams. I can say positively I had at least four extensive dreams all which ran their course and lasted a long time. I don’t remember very well any of them, but I know through personal experience that one can train to remember dreams. (I’ve since stopped, but when you write down your dreams everyday after waking, you begin to consistently remember them). My final say on the light-weight Wormwood is that if you can stand the bitter hell that is drinking it, it’s well worthwhile as a sleep aid/dream enhancer. Mugwort does the same.


Note: I am going to sidestep directly condoning illegal activity here. Put frankly, nothing illegal should occur, the government is king, etc etc.

I have no intentions of making this blog a mini-Erowid, since Erowid is already a maxi-Reelslow. However I must say I have been obsessed a long time with drugs even when I had the stance ‘all drugs are bad no matter what forever’. This summer I am highly interested in exploring some psychedelics. I should hope I get some thumbs up on this and willingness to see what there is in world two. Before outlining which seem like good ideas, I’d like to say I am still not a fan of smoking anything. It doesn’t feel very nice and tastes yucky! So there will be more opportunities for those people with a better lung for smoke. I would limit the list to psychedelics, because it seems anything that doesn’t fall into that category can and should still be enjoyed if safe, but recreationally and not exploratatively. I am wary of Morning Glory Seeds but would try them possibly, mushrooms I have plans for, acid seems scary and I am yet unsure. The argument for me is really: is it natural, what are the negative side-effects, what are the dangers in trying to get it -vs.- what does it do?. Reading Erowid has shown me some people who really sit down with a meditative question and use psychedelics to help them answer. Aldous Huxley who actually had a big role in the coinage of the word ‘psychedelic’ was a heavy user of what I would propose to you boys as the kicker this summer. If we can find them (i’ve read often sold at walmart, target, lowes) I would very much be open minded toward San Pedro cactus.

So tell me your thoughts/opinions on psychedelics and any goals you have pertaining to second world exploration/personal revelation. Love you guys.